Month: October 2017

Cult TV Awards make their way to The Broadway

The 24th annual gong-giving for extraordinary fictional television heads to Peterbough

It’s a dinner, a ceremony and a theme party!

On Saturday 30th December, you can attend an actual television awards ceremony. The glitz! The glamour! And it’s all much closer than you think.

The annual Cult TV Awards are now in their 24th year, and this is the chance for you, ‘im or ‘er indoors, Friends (including Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joe, Chandler and Ross), your Modern Family and anyone else on this 3rd Rock from the Sun to get together to party like it’s Space: 1999 at the newly reopened The Broadway in Peterborough.

Your choice of clothing can either be the suited-and-booted approach where you dress to impress, or if you prefer you and your companions might like to go all-out ‘cosplay’ in support of your favourite shows.Read More

Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 5



Last week was all about comedy, this week it’s musicals. Yesterday we announced two musicals coming in 2018 with one going up on sale.

“Skin Deep” which will be having a run at the King’s Head Theatre in London this December will be on stage at The Broadway on 12th May 2018. A show about body image, diets and selfies the show is a humorous musical revue ending with a comedic strip routine. Be careful if you’re sat in the front row…

Also announced is “All or Nothing”. The hit mod musical will be rolling its Vespas into Peterborough in June 2018 for a four night run following a stint at the Arts Theatre in the West End starting in February.

I also have two other hit musicals in the pipeline but, tantalisingly, I am not liberty to divulge anything further. (Unless you pass me a pinot in Walter’s of course…).Read More

Showstopper! – Interview with the co-founder

Find out more about the improvised musical

A recipe for good improvisation?

Showstopper! co-founder Adam Meggido is an award-winning writer/composer who has improvised at the National, The Royal Court Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and currently holds the world record for the directing the longest impro show – 55 hours without a break. He recently directed Olivier Award Nominated “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” at the Apollo Theatre (for Mischief Theatre), which was also televised on BBC One.

Here, we caught up with him to find out more about Showstopper!, and what theatre fans get from their night out with the cast…

Can you tell me what the audience can expect from the show?

A musical! With catchy songs, dazzling dance routines, sweeping storylines and hilarious characters. The only difference with our show is that EVERYTHING is entirely made up on the spot out of audience suggestions. It’s all 100% improvised. Read More

Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 4



The week has flown by and, before I knew it, here we are at Friday once more, and time to sit down and write my next instalment.

The big event of the week has been our booking of comedian Sean Lock. I put his tickets on sale last Friday and we are close to selling out. If you would like to come and see him live on stage here at The Broadway, hurry before the last of the tickets go! If comedy is your thing, yesterday (Thursday) I put up on sale our next big TV comic. Jon Richardson will be here on 21st April 2018 with his ‘Old Man tour. I’m sure he will be suitably attired in a trademark cardigan. And, of course, still to come is comic sensation of the internet, Doreen Tipton, with her “Rise of the Yam-Yam” tour which is with us next month on Thursday 9th November. Come and see what the fuss is all about!

In other news I was invited to New College Stamford (NCS) on Wednesday to talk to their second year performing arts students about all the things happening at The Broadway and how they can be involved. We will be welcoming them to the theatre in November as part of #LoveTheatreDay.Read More

Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 3



Never mind stop the press, this week we stopped the traffic! Our panto press launch took place on Wednesday, giving us a chance to meet the cast of the show and for reporters and bloggers to be able to ask questions and have a meet-and-greet. There are some great photos from it, using the inside and outside of the building. Widow Twanky got a little bit carried away and decided to flag down a passing bus. Perhaps she needed a lift back to her laundry. I think it is safe to say that we in for a treat with this show and the wonderful and talented cast are excited to be performing on our stage.

Speaking of the stage, you may think that being a theatre manger is either all office work or all glitz and glamour. I can assure you that escorting a stage manager around the building from basement to rafters provides little or no glamour! I’m sure some of the cobwebs are from 1937 when the Odeon opened were encountered. But he wasn’t here to see the decor; Ian came down to take measurements for the set which will fill our stage and provide a spectacle for audiences. I have also been promised a ride on the magic carpet – and it really is magical. Don’t believe me? Buy a ticket and find out!Read More