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Paul Archer, the man behind Burning Codes, talks about the emotional journey behind the making of his ongoing musical project…

“Essentially the initial catalyst for these evolutions appears to be the changes and flow of life, art, expression and feeling around us. For example the first album was very much a solo journey and hugely choral and echoic.

“The second album was evolving into more of a collaborative project overall. The one central theme is the importance of the organic feeling of the expression of the human voice.”

“On a personal level I’ve been reaching a bit of a tipping point in terms of the music I’m hearing around me and I really felt a deep and a driven need to express a level of personal struggle, frustration and angst with what appears to me to be a narrowing of expression and genres in popular culture.

“I am ever aware that a plank with strings is no longer considered to be what it once was. Yet no one plays a chord the same. The plank with strings is unpredictable. it is a tool which responds to the players hands, body, feel and emotion and I love this.

“I wanted this record to be very much guitar led and to have yet greater dynamics. I wanted to return to songs born first of artistic expression rather than music first.

“I want to try to use an unpredictable tool ie. not standardised digital patches on a keyboard or digital sound generators to create and express these feelings of a desire to hear something which is more unpredictable with ringing harmonics and human feel.”

Speaking of Burning Codes latest track ‘Belfast – Place Of My Soul’, Paul had this to say:

“Belfast is the city of my birth and a holds a sacred and special place deep inside my psyche and heart. I love it dearly and the warmth of our people. Life continues to throw us challenges as well as our good times but when I return home I feel a sense of peace and of deep ‘rooted-ness’ and belonging and I observe that this increases with time.

“Due to the strength of my feelings the words came relatively easily and before I knew it I had the song. I shared the feelings, concept and ideas with my fellow contributing artists, I’m sure folk know very well about my close friendship with my wonderful and profoundly supportive Snow Patrol brothers and my wonderful and profoundly supportive brother Iain without whom I probably wouldn’t be writing music.

“My hope for the song would be that people might catch even a glimpse of the beauty, inspiration, power, feeling and connection which Belfast inspires. I have always loved the city and I love the people, the warmth, the spirit, the dynamism, the brother and sisterhood and the joy of Belfast. It is such an honour to have been born and grown up there and County Down in particular is such a beautiful, beautiful county also!”

On a final note Paul said: “Since coming to Peterborough I have been amazed by the wealth of talented artists and musicians and I think there is a great community of artists and musicians here. “Peterborough itself is a lovely city and I hope that as artists we can all continue to grow and to push our boundaries both collectively and individually.”

Burning Codes will perform in Walter’s Bar and Eatery for The Doc Mason Winter Mini Festival on Saturday 13th January at 10:50pm.


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