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Influences… The Rolling Stones, Oasis, the Verve, BRMC, Cage the Elephant, Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, Led Zepplin, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


Performing in the main auditorium at 19:50 on 13th January 2018

Armed with a handful of half written songs and a well-rounded love for music with drive and passion, lead singer Mark Wilks set upon forming a blues Rock n’ Roll band with the help of drummer Mikey Ireland.

Using we found Mike Fenna, a classically trained pianist and phenomenal lead guitarist and all-round multi-instrumentalist as well as being a songwriter, Mike is the cornerstone of The Mojo Slide.

Adding Bass Player Marek (later to be replaced by seasoned Rock tornado Danny Savage). Also hunted down via joinmyband was another classically trained viola and mandolin wielding rhythm guitarist and songwriter Matt Legg. With a big taste for alternative rock and 90’s grunge he adds a real unique flavour to their sound.

Currently Mojo Slide are working on their second album where fans can expect blues rock with elements of alt rock, indie, funky rock, grunge, soul and moody country and western!

The Broadway asked each band member what where favourite songs are and why:


Mark Wilks, Lead Singer said: “It has to be ‘Jesus Don’t Love Me’ because that gets the best sing-a-long from fans.”

Mike Fenna, Lead Guitar said: “‘Catch Me If You Can’, because it gives me a chance to show off!”
Matt Legg, Rhythm Guitar said: “‘To Kill A Monkey’, because the crowd always dances.”

Danny Savage, Bass Man said: “‘High’, is where I get to shake my sexy ass!” (He really does).

Mikey Ireland, Drums said: “‘Good Man Down’, because I get to go first before anyone else. Epic intro alert!”

The bands ambitions are humble and their main aim is make great music that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy and to share that with as many people as possible.

According to their own description fans can look forward to, “monster riffs, catchy melodies packed with swagger and growlin’ vocals and ballsy lyrics. Sweet harmonies, epic howlin’ solo’s and something a bit different from your average rock band.”


Mark Wilks (Lead Singer/Lyricist) was raised by Ferrell Jehovah’s Witnesses, escaping his evangelical doom mongering captors at the age of 18, he was branded the Devil by his own father, so as to live up to his new found reputation he chose to spread the devils music that is Rock n’ Roll to the masses! Up yours Daddy!

Likes – Ripe juicy melons and squatting
Dislikes – Leprechauns and phlegm

Mike Fenna (Lead Guitar) is a multi-instrumental genius who plays piano, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, harmonica and the triangle. He never could get the hang of the Glockenspiel though.  He enjoys nothing better than bathing in custard and beer, but also finds time to write and play music.
Heavily influenced by the old blues guitarists, from Robert Johnson to Clapton, he is a ‘feel’ guitarist who writes his solos like he writes songs – smooth and wet.

Matt Legg (Rhythm Guitar) joined the band after responding to an advert placed online.  A successful audition followed where the band were over-awed by the size of his pedal board.

As the envious glances were causing noticeable friction in rehearsals, Matt downsized his stage rig; but has never forgotten.

Matt enjoys pulling The Mojo Slide’s music in unexpected directions, using violin, viola, mandolin, synths and anything else he can get his hands on that makes anything vaguely approaching a noise; especially pedals.

Danny Savage (Bass) has a beard and plays bass.  The beard has been cultivated to distract and protect fans from his profundity of bass playing skill.  Watching his hands as he wrestles the man-size guitar, he has been known to spontaneously melt onlookers eyeballs.

Savage discovered his rhythmic abilities during his early career as a male lap dancer.  However, this was cut short when the beard sprouted overnight.  It is rumoured that no blade is sharp enough to tame it and were it to leave his face, then, Samson-esque, his prodigious playing and dancing skills may be lost forever.  By the power of beard, Danny Savage injects the Mojo into the Mojo Slide.

Mikey Ireland is a drummer who has been compared to Mick Fleetwood, he would have a full head of hair if only Mick donated his, as a child, to his local sporran factory.  A man of eclectic musical taste, he loves his metal and brings a high energy performance to the stage.

A dedicated wildlife lover, outside of music he enjoys petting kestrels and stroking beavers.

To visit The Mojo Slide website click here

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