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We love most genres of music but mostly Reggae and Funk. We love both, but Reggae is heartbeat music. It’s like soul food, it keeps you nourished and grounded, but it also makes you reflective and packs a wallop!  It’s three-dimensional music for the discerning listener.

Our guitarist, Jake Clarke has been with us for just about a year now. The rest of us are original members.  He was thrown in at the deep end but has adapted very well. We have been together six years now and it’s been a wild ride.

We released our first EP last year, ‘Live Free’ which included mostly original songs. We are very proud of it and that’s our plan; to keep writing and releasing our original songs. We love to see audiences respond to our original music with alacrity and appreciation. There is no better feeling. Of course we will still do covers, because we always do them in our own inimitable style.

Each band member has their own favourite tracks to perform…

Jeff (Lead Singer) said:  “‘Live Free’, because it’s ours and it gives me a thrill every time we perform it.”

Gary (Bass) said:  “‘Is this Love’ because the bassline is deceptively complex. Everyone knows the song and it’s a very catchy, sing-a-long tune, but you really have to concentrate on the bassline. I love the challenge and the song is just beautiful.”

Lauryn (Saxophone) said: “‘Ring de Alarm’ because it’s really deep dub and we have of course made it ours and it gives me a chance to really work my bass sax.”

Jake (Guitar) said: “‘Could You Be Loved’ because I love the rhythm.”

Don (Drums) said:  “‘Simmer Down’ because I love the lyrics because it reminds me of stuff my family would say. ‘Simmer Down’ is Jamaican for calm down. The Jamaican dialect is unmatched for creativity but I also love the rhythm and the pace and it’s just a good song to dance to.”

Speaking of their fan base the band said: “We have Reggae aficionados but we also have people who like us as a band because we’re interactive and we enjoy ourselves when we perform. We dance with the crowd, in the crowd and that seems to go down very well. But to be honest, the dancing is inescapable. You just have to dance once you hear the music. That’s been a consistent observation, that we seem to be enjoying ourselves when we’re performing.

“We want to keep on enjoying what we do and to keep playing to appreciative audiences. If we get ‘discovered’ then that would be gravy.”

Tallawah will be performing in the main auditorium at 10:10pm… 


Jeffrene Francis-Williams (Puss) – Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Britain has been home to Jeffrene since 2003. Jeff to her family and friends, this dynamic Jamaican started stretching her voice on Peterborough’s open mic scene, taking on some rock, including Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.  Tallawah is Jeff’s opportunity to pay tribute to the music of her home.

Gary Francis-Williams – Gary visited Jamaica the first time as a doe-eyed 20 something. Jamaica made such a strong impression on him, he went again in his 30’s and stayed for nearly 5 years. Gary came away with a love for all things Jamaican, including Reggae music.  Gary is a self-taught bass player and is extending his bass repertoire daily. He is loving playing in Tallawah, and getting the biggest high on the Reggae vibe.

Don ‘The Man’ Hall – A talented percussionist  Don’s bongos create a sizzling and electrifying beat  for lovers of all types of music, from Latin to Funk and especially Reggae. An accomplished Reggae drummer, Tallawah is the perfect opportunity for Don to flex his Reggae muscles and play this fantastic music.  His Jamaican parents, ensured Don’s  Reggae education so Tallawah was a natural step for him.

Lauren Young – A talented saxophonist, Lauren brings her passion and professionalism to our band. That she also plays flute, double-bass, bass guitar keyboard and the piccolo makes her mesmerising to hear. Her intuitive interpretations bring freshness and zing to the already hypnotic music. The ‘baby’ in the band, she is not to be outdone and her presence is felt every time she picks up her instrument.




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