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We had a word with Pete about what kind of post-metal experience we can expect from Soviet Films…

So how did Soviet Films begin? How long have you all been playing for?

We’ve all been playing our instruments for a long time, but should probably have had some kind of lessons to start with. Soviet Films started out as a three piece about 5 years ago, with Andy joining about 3 years ago to increase power output by 33% (although it feels like a lot more than that).

That’s quite a percentage! And where are you based now?

We are based in Peterborough, although only 25% of us actually live there.

That’s enough to qualify as local, I’m sure! Who would you say has influenced you musically?

We probably all have different influences. Pete (who is writing this) may cite people John Bonham, Neil Peart or Ginger Baker for example, but he’s only fooling himself. One review said that we ‘explore many different avenues’, and we don’t really try to sound like anyone else – probably because we have new favourite bands every week. Constantly up there would be bands like Tool, Mastadon, Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, Future of the Left…that kind of thing. Antony is currently listening to a lot of Tears for Fears but hopefully it won’t have any impact.

Hopefully not! Although that would be pretty unique. So what’s the story behind the band name?

So we’re all massive fans of Andrei Tarkovsky, and we used to hang out every week devouring his films. A true visionary whose body of work stands as a realisation of his notion of ‘sculpting in time’, characterised by extremely long takes and shots of indescribable beauty… ‘. Which was kind of what we were doing. Either, that or it’s just four syllables that sounded nice together when we were chatting at practice and we’ve come up with the above excellent answer retrospectively.

Fair enough, always print the legend. That sounds awesome anyway. Are there any crazy band stories you’d like to share with us?

There are some stories we can’t share due to legal reasons, and some because, well, this is a family event. But bath-tubs, margarine and action-man may or may not have been involved. We did have one show where the reviewer talked about our facial hair nearly as much as he talked about our music, which was a little odd. Our shows tend to go right (ish), so this question is hard to answer. Lee punched a goose in the beak.

Ouch! I’m sure the goose deserved it. That aside, have you had any achievements you’re especially proud of, perhaps of a more artistic nature?

Our last record ‘Cetacean’ is probably our proudest achievement so far (available on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc) (And on CD) (#shamelessplugoftheyearaward). That, and getting through some of our songs in one piece. They take a long time to write, as they can be a little complex and are often quite lengthy, and it always feels good to play them and to succeed in playing them! We’re particularly proud when the audience gets it too; compliments after the show are always well received!

I’m sure you’ll be getting plenty of those! Have you got any upcoming releases, gigs or other exciting things in the near future?

We are going back into the studio in May to make our third record. We are trying out a new studio this time, which is always exciting. We are hoping to try some videos this year as well to go with some of the new, and maybe some of the older, tracks.

Soviet Films will be performing on the main auditorium at 5:30pm on 13th January. Check out the links below for a sneak preview:

Click here for Soviet Films Facebook

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