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Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 20


Will Gareth open the flood Gates?

In the last 24 hours, two new events have gone on sale. Flawless, the Britain’s Got Talent dance troupe and Gareth Gates are both coming to The Broadway! For dance fans, you will have to wait until October before Flawless are in the building but for fans of Gareth, he will be with us on 30th June.

This week has been busy with planning events, discussing possible transfers and working on the possibility of a large event coming to The Broadway in November. Watch this space!

While looking into booking Gareth Gates, we came across a number of 80s, 90s and 00s acts that are available for concerts and events. We are thinking of bringing a few in on one bill here at The Broadway. If you have any suggestions who you would like to see, do let us know.

One of the events that has been agreed, there will be a staged concert of a musical coming to the venue in the autumn. The show will see local people working with a professional musical director and director to bring the show to life. More details will be announced shortly.Read More

Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 19


Dinners to remember, nights to remember…

Half term has arrived and schools are breaking up. Soon it will be Easter and another school holiday will upon us. Have you any plans? If not, never fear! I can help with a little forward planning so you don’t get caught unawares again. For this week I have booked in two shows, one for February half term and one for Easter… both in 2019! Alright, so it won’t solve your problem with what to do next week but it’s always worth thinking ahead.

If you are looking for a small half term treat next week, you can pop along to Sundays here at The Broadway and treat yourself (or be treated) to a fabulous lunch. Food is served Wednesdays and Sundays over lunch time. (I did have a little taster and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed).

Currently, The Broadway Suite is playing host to Revellers and their play Sisters? which had a great opening night last night and is on tonight and tomorrow. There are still a few seats left but do book in advance to ensure you get your fish and chips!

This weekend we have two very different events on. On Sunday in the main house we have Lithuanian stand up comedy, and in The Broadway Suite, Peterborough Jazz Club will be holding their first event. We are delighted to be welcoming them into the building and are pleased they have chosen us to be their new home.Read More

Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 18


Our 2018 panto goes on sale!

Panto is back at The Broadway! Oh yes it is! It’s like it has never gone away. This week tickets for Cinderella went on sale. We have a special early booking offer – all tickets just £12.00. This offer is available for al limited time (until 31st March), so if you want to ensure you make it to the ball this Christmas, don’t delay and book today!

The panto will be produced by KD Theatre Productions and Scott Ritchie Productions, the team that brought us Aladdin last year, so we can be sure of a good fun, quality family show. KD are also bringing us The Wizard of Oz in April!

What else has been happening at ‘Broadway Towers’? This Sunday we have the grand opening of Sundays. The restaurant has made the move into The Broadway Suite and will be serving up its famous food on Sundays and Wednesdays. They will also be providing the catering for events and parties here at our venue throughout the year (those of you who came along to the Funhouse Comedy have already tasted it!)

Next week we have a world premier here at the theatre. Local group, Revellers, are staging their new work Sisters? in The Broadway Suite. And, if seeing a theatrical first wasn’t enough, the ticket also includes a fish and chip supper!Read More

Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 17


Some Meat Loaf, Eagles, and Showaddywaddy

This week I was invited into a basement in Soho by a popular stand-up comedian – who could refuse?

Well, I accepted and it was all in the name in theatre – saving theatres in fact. This was the annual announcement of the Theatres at Risk register from The Theatres Trust. The event was hosted by Theatres Trust trustee, Dara O’Briain, a passionate supporter of theatres and creative spaces. The Broadway is one of 35 theatres in the UK that has been identified as at risk. What this does is give us access to support and assistance to secure the future of the building.

The theatre was first put on the register last year when there was at threat of the building being converted into flats. Since then we have taken over the building to make it run as a viable theatre for the city and beyond. We are actively working with The Theatres Trust to ensure that this building remains open and, with your support, it will be part of Peterborough’s cultural life.

Aside from flag waving for The Broadway, this week has seen a number of shows go on sale for music fans. Steve Steinman will be bringing his Meat Loaf show and Vampires Rock starring Sam Bailey in autumn 2018 and February 2019 respectively.Read More

Diary of a Theatre Manager – Episode 16


We are definitely going to the ball!

I have returned from my leave and the sunny but bracing shores of the English Riviera. No rest for the wicked though as it is straight back in the swing of things here at The Broadway.

So far it has been meetings galore as we use January to plan for the coming year and beyond. I have had press, poets, dancers and directors through the door for a chat about hiring the spaces, working with us and moving things forward. Hurrah!

I am writing this just before heading off to another meeting, this time to talk panto 2018 – Oh yes I am! (will it ever end?). Cinderella will be arriving in her stylish coach at The Broadway this coming Christmas and you are all invited to the ball! Tickets will be going on sale soon (it’s never too early!) so do keep an eye out on Facebook and our website. Read More


Moony from Opaque gives an insight into the fun-loving folksy collective that has kept us dancing for over a decade…

Performing in the main auditorium at 6:40pm on 13th January…

Opaque has been going for nearly 20 years. I met most of the guys at various parties and festivals and recruited them for the band.

We have been influenced by most types of music but have mainly been influenced by the British festival scene.

Our latest album ‘A Little Belief’ if a mix of gypsy swing, carnival folk music with classic indie electro influences.

We really enjoy playing the Liechtenstein Polka as our ode to the land of Liechtenstein. In particular I enjoy being able to dance around on this one as I do not play guitar.

We just want to enjoy ourselves and make people smile! We mainly appeal to the misfits and the freaks and are very comfortable amongst them.Read More


We had a lovely chat with local blues rock poetry legend Dan Donovan about what he’s got in store for us…

Greetings Dan! To give us a flavour, if you could compare yourself to any other artists, or could cite any major influences, who or what would they be?

Influences are many. I think consistent references would be Tom Waits, Iggy Pop. I’m currently listening to The Kills, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and
The Dead Weather, they hold a certain left of centre approach to blues and rock which is definitely my bag.

Those artists certainly tie into your dark, alternative-blues kind of stuff. Can you tell us a bit about where you started out, what got you initially interested in playing music? And where are you based now?

Back in the 70’s when I was a teenager all I could access was chart music. The Sweet, T Rex and Alice Cooper would light up my life. In the late 70’s, the Old Grey Whistle test became my go to place to discover more. I remember The Police and Tom Petty doing their first TV performances, great moments for discovery. I’m firmly based geographically in the Fens now; big skies and solitude serve me well.Read More


We had a word with Pete about what kind of post-metal experience we can expect from Soviet Films…

So how did Soviet Films begin? How long have you all been playing for?

We’ve all been playing our instruments for a long time, but should probably have had some kind of lessons to start with. Soviet Films started out as a three piece about 5 years ago, with Andy joining about 3 years ago to increase power output by 33% (although it feels like a lot more than that).

That’s quite a percentage! And where are you based now?

We are based in Peterborough, although only 25% of us actually live there.

That’s enough to qualify as local, I’m sure! Who would you say has influenced you musically?

We probably all have different influences. Pete (who is writing this) may cite people John Bonham, Neil Peart or Ginger Baker for example, but he’s only fooling himself. One review said that we ‘explore many different avenues’, and we don’t really try to sound like anyone else – probably because we have new favourite bands every week. Constantly up there would be bands like Tool, Mastadon, Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, Future of the Left…that kind of thing. Antony is currently listening to a lot of Tears for Fears but hopefully it won’t have any impact.Read More


We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Neil to give us the lowdown on Ice Cream Headache, a fantastic alternative/progressive band who perform locally.


So what’s the story behind the band name, Neil?

I wanted a kind of ironic name, and we were almost called “Brain Freeze” but I thought that that was a little too MEEEETAAAAL and gave the wrong impression, so it was decided we would be Ice Cream Headache. Which is ironic, because I hate ice cream.

That’s fair enough! How did you guys get together?

We have all previously been in bands before. I was in a similar (albeit more immature) version of what ICH is now – a couple of our songs were demoes that I jammed with a few friends until we found the power trio that we have now. Jules (bass/vocals) and I are based in Peterborough and have been friends and collaborators for over a decade, whilst Glyn (drums and beautiful eyes) is originally from Wales, but based in Royston (“we didn’t burn him!”) Our home is Peterborough, but we rehearse in Wyton just outside Huntingdon – it’s about half way for all of us.Read More


The universe has brought us together and from then two years passed and its all grown organically.

We are a cross genre band and many of our musical influences are from many genres from different eras. Our latest album is called ‘Mixed Personalities’ which was released on the 4th of August 2017. The album consists of two disks of cross genre music, over 30 songs and features from vocalists, producer’s, DJ’s and instrumentalists.
To be able to do what we love for a living would be nice… nothing on a crazy scale though, the main goal is to always enjoy what we do, to try and spread love and positive energy, break down the walls of society and revolutionise the way people think.

We can’t really put our audience into a box or slap a label on them, all the places we have been to in the past two years we have met and had love shown from many backgrounds, cultures and ages.